Chairman's Message of Link Engineering


Head Office

No.No.9A, de Fonseka Place, Bambalapitiya, Colombo 04, Sri Lanka

Chairman's Message

We, Link Engineering are one of the pioneers in the field of construction, comes with over 40 years of experience in the industry. Link Engineering is a proud subsidiary of the reputable Blue Ocean Group of Companies which owns a range of well-recognized companies.
Our company, Blue Ocean Group, is an arm of an international company involved in Real Estate, Construction & Engineering, Education, Holidays and House Hold & Garments. We steer our modern vision in diversified spheres and specialized in creating cutting-edge architectural building designs. We also undertake all aspects of the development of high -quality residential, commercial, industrial and governmental constructions.
The Link Engineering remains at the forefront of the industry by continuously improving efficiency, innovation and safely. Smart working, waste elimination and lean supply chain of the company deliver better value for its customers. This practice allows the company to invest in developing its expertise. Having the finest experts allows the company to extend what it is capable of building and improve everything it does. The customers of Link Engineering can trust that the company that it would deliver on all that it promises, including safety. The latter is never compromised.
When its liabilities are divided by the equity of its stockholders, Link Engineering is at one to one ratio thereby keeping its ‘debt to equity ratio’ in very good level. The company constantly keeps its profit in high rate by sound management of their operational needs.
The Link Engineering maintains its disciplined approach in bidding and winning new business. This involves ensuring that work it takes on is of the type it want to do in the geographies that it has chosen to concentrate. In short, this is about bidding for long-term profitable work rather than chasing revenue growth.
Moreover, the Link Engineering enjoys a sound supply chain. The company enriches through a range of sister companies run under the Blue Ocean Group of Companies. Because of this diversity in fulfilling the needs of a single platform called ‘construction’, the Blue Ocean Group of Companies succeeded in providing affordable products for its clients. All its construction services and materials, the Link Engineering receives through Blue Ocean sister companies and cost of the services rarely goes up whereas other companies struggle to keep their prices low constantly without achieving any salient results in the effort since they have to deal with a high number of supply chain companies to get done their projects.
The Link Engineering boasts sister companies such as Link Ready-mix, Link Aluminum, Contessa, Link Heavy Machineries among others. Moving forward, the Group will leverage on its engineering capabilities to further strengthen its presence in all sectors. The Group is planning its maiden overseas expansion in the South Asian region and hopes to have an active overseas operation during the forthcoming financial year.
We, Link Engineering and the Group operates under sound Corporate Governance and carries out all its business dealings with honesty, transparent in an ethical manner. That is why our customer base is expanding daily and our businesses are blooming not only locally but also globally as well.